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Discussion on: What CSS Framework Should You Learn? CSS vs Bootstrap vs Tailwind CSS

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Many frameworks out there do a nice job. I try more than one but after a while, I quit. I know CSS, why do I have to learn a new form of it? To have a well-designed button? I can save a button that I previously did it.
If I have to write text in orange color, for example, I do like this: {color:orange} or {color:#FFA500}. In Bootstrap I was not able to find a way, besides creating a new class using a custom style sheet that includes... {color:#FFA500}.
I am not criticizing Bootstrap (or any other framework), I just don't understand why to use it if you know CSS. And if you don't know it, better to learn CSS than Bootstrap (or any other framework). Once you have to do a variation will be easy and fast.
Instead, I find it much more useful ready-to-use examples of buttons or animation or other items written in CSS to apply in freedom.
Anyway, that is my opinion.