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Discussion on: Comebacks for Five (Wrong) Arguments Against Accessibility

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Max Antonucci Author

I know the feeling, part of me loved writing this post and another part of me hated that it needed to be written. Especially since for many counterarguments, I had to take into account that many people won't care about how much it helps people and need to hear arguments purely in terms of business and lost dollars.

I don't want accessibility to only be accepted for the economic benefits, but sadly for many people that's all they'll listen to. Trying to encourage more positive change, to me, means accepting that and working with it when needed. Not easy, but hopefully it helps the change come sooner.

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Elizabeth Schafer

Yup, totally agree. I actually do like highlighting all the other benefits you get from accessibility - there's a lot of great stuff that comes along with it! And I try to understand where people are coming from, rather than shutting down and getting upset that they don't care. It just gets to me sometimes.