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Discussion on: How To Take Notes on Everything

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Max Antonucci Author

That is a great point, tech can't always lower friction for every situation like being on a bus. Have you tried using highlighters or sticky notes when taking notes in physical books? Even for books you don't own, I've used little sticky notes to mark where I want to pull notes from. You could get multicolored ones to quickly tell what kind of notes you want to take too, and pull them all out before returning the book. That strategy could lower the friction further by not requiring a trip to Trello later on.

Then again, trying to manage lots of sticky notes in a small, shaky bus/train could be even tougher in some ways haha. So it all comes down to which process fits with you best!

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Rachel Soderberg

Sticky notes I've done before! Highlighting I avoid though because I tend to check out library books instead of purchasing them myself :) That means the sticky notes are only temporary reminders as well, for me to come back and note them once I've reached my computer.