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Any got a good tutorial on morse code? It has gotten kinda rusty over time


I will be doing more remote work in 2018, since i'm making the transition from a regular job to freelance. These things apply to normal jobs too, but for some this might be good info.

Being honest is very important. If you cannot do a task, or it's taking too much time, just say so. Your team will help you out. And if you don't, you will only waste more time and everyone will know eventually.

I've seen colleagues struggling with tasks who just kept trying and trying (and thus wasting time) until the point i couldn't stand it any longer (both seeing them struggle and losing resources) and helped them out, or connected them to someone who could help them. I don't know if it's pride or something else, but it's no shame to ask for help, or just talk to someone.

The rubber duck is underrated ;)

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