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Discussion on: The full-stack dilemma

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Matti Bar-Zeev Author

How come the industry is willing to accept work from someone who declares s/he has no experience in the field? would you let someone who never saw a pipe (but is familiar with some tools) to do your house plumbing? I guess not. So why do is it acceptable in software?

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Scott Yeatts

I don't think it is acceptable. The industry might accept it, but at the same time we all started somewhere, and we all should depend on our teammates.

My first backend PR was when I was already a UI Lead. And I asked a million questions of the BE team to make sure I didn't screw it up, had it code-reviewed by the BE team and it went through the same QA process.

That's the same thing that should be happening to each junior, mid and senior BE engineer and the same would happen if a BE specialist issues a PR for the FE.

It's all about teamwork and growth. I wouldn't hire someone with zero BE experience to come in and implement my BE stack, but I wouldn't deny them the ability to learn more about it and grow their skills in a different direction if the team has the capacity or need, as long as everyone understands it's a learning experience.

A few years later I think that person could confidently claim to be full-stack, but I'm not the gatekeeper of when that is.