12 Things every Software Developer should be doing in 2020.

Michael Crump on January 13, 2020

Introduction Have you set any goals for 2020 professionally? While you should focus on personal goals (such as going to the gym more, ea... [Read Full]
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Finish what you started: Many of us often start building side projects while learning a new tech-stack or programming language, but mostly they end up being abandoned.


This is such a good one. I'm guilty! Thanks for sharing!


I think a lot of developers should read your article or similar things !


Hah! That is now the BONUS Tip!


Great list Michael. Can you do one post on how to start a technical blog? Will be really helpful for us amateurs out there.


Sure thing. But can you tell me a bit about what you are looking for? Like Static site recommendation? Hosting options? How to write regularly?


I was looking for help on how to choose topics for the blog, how to write good quality posts. I am planning to start a blog on medium, and then create a website and host it as and when I become a bit familiar with web technologies.

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