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Discussion on: Azure Free Account? Is it really free?

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Michael Crump Author

We have docs on billing, etc. that could help. There is also a pricing calculator to help.

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Federico Navarrete • Edited

The pricing can be confusing. The Azure ML for example is not understandable by regular users or business users. You need to have quite deep technical knowledge in this area. For example,

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Pavel Morava

I've just offered some feedback, Michael. How Azure experience felt to me.
I was there to test it but the first thing they wanted was my credit card.

With my private server, I know exactly what to pay with the possibility to upgrade eventually.

Perhaps, I'm just a scary cat but having given out my credit card on the start I was really glad that my account was canceled due to my inactivity.

But I am a mere hobbyist, so you do not need to stress over it 😆

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