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Agreed, what I meant is that if your goal is to learn C++, just start directly with C++ and forget about C (for now). This way you can start with the right practices (for C++) from the beginning.
There's a nice talk (with a very misleading title) from Kate Gregory "Stop teaching C" CppCon 2015 which I found very illuminating when approaching C++ professionally for the Nth time

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Stephan B. R. Langenau Author

Thanks. I will look after the video. 👌

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Julien Maury

sorry I should have told you I want to learn both, which is misleading here.

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Abu Sakib

Would look into the video. And I agree if the goal is to learn C++, then dive right into it. But speaking from an academic perspective, I haven't seen C++ taught first-hand anywhere. Usually it's C (or something other) for introduction to the art, then Java or C++ or whatever. I had to learn C in my university's introductory course.