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My current setup is an older model apple keyboard without the num pad and an older model magic mouse. Not super happy with this setup as I miss having a num pad and the mouse often drops its connection.

I think if I were to make a switch it would be to a Logitech MX master wireless mouse paired with a current generation apple magic keyboard.


I have the wireless Logitech MX master and absolutely love it. It's nice and comfortable, glides smoothly and I've never had issues with connect. I think the mouse wheel is honestly my favorite part of it with the ability to freewheel.

My keyboard presently is the Black Widow Chroma. I'm not too fond of the Razer software issues lately but the keyboard works great so I see no need to replace it, I'll likely switch brands when I do though (either Corsair or DasKeyboard). I couldn't survive without a num pad, and a mechanical keyboard is a must for me.


Hi Ryan, I recently bought the Prime 13 from DasKeyboard with brown Cherry MX switches. I decided to go with the UK layout because some important keys for development (like []) are positioned better than in the DE layout, to which I'm used to. But the UK layout still has the 2-row return key that I prefer over the 1-row return key of the US layout. Now here's the thing:

The UK layout of the Prime 13 is buggy!

A special feature of the Prime 13 is the flipped position of the symbols for the shift key (e.g.: ;:?), which are on the bottom, while the normal symbols are on top (e.g.: ,./). It's actually not so weird as one might think, because the backlighting is on the top of each key, so the top symbol (normal) is brighter than the bottom symbol (shift). But they forgot to flip the symbols on the 6 UK keys that differ from the US layout. I asked the support of DasKeyboard about this issue and they confirmed, that it's not an individual problem, but all Prime 13 keyboards with UK layout are affected. Thus they cannot help me. Very disappointing.

Now I've got an incosistent keyboard.

Photo of the Prime 13 keyboard with buggy UK layout

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