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re: Really really loved hiking Samariá Gorge on Crete, off the mainland of Greece. It's beautiful! That whole trip we backpacked around, starting in C...

Never been to Samariá Gorge, but I LOVED Kriti. Couple yrs ago, We rented a car and drove the length of the island. We flew into Herculeam(sp?) and then immediately drove to Chania and started there. We drove east all drove over two weeks to the east side of the island. We ended up in a little village in the hill above Io Nicholas(sp?) called Kritsa. The town had the proverbial little old lady with the donkey and everything, very cool.


Awesome! 😀

That sounds really similar to the way we did things, but I would've loved to have had a car!

We flew into Herculeam too (I think that's the one at least - Heraklion - though pretty sure it's got multiple spellings!) and eventually made it to Chania for our flight out to the mainland. But you went to different places for sure!

If I make it back there - and I definitely intend too - I'll have to check out Kritsa. That definitely sounds like a place we'd like to see. 👍

Didn't you love the little harbor with cafes and restaurants. We walked all over that town, loved it.

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