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Has anyone read Isaac Asimov's, Foundation Trilogy/Series? These are great!

The galaxy is running down and a galactic dark ages of 30,000 yrs looks imminent! BUT there is a secret group of 'Psychohistorians' that claim that they can shape future events. Psychohistory gives such a detailed understanding of the human psychology and history that the fate of the galaxy AND the coming dark age can be shortened or lengthened by what happens NEXT...

One part I remember was the book discussed the galactic corridor travel routes that were discovered over the millennia which made space travel and trade possible... cool stuff.


I love Asimovs fundation, but my favorite book from him is called "The Gods themselves". Even if it didnt have the best writing by todays standards (others told me this, didnt notice it), the idea was super cool:)


@Matei I'm not familiar with "The Gods Themselves" what is the main idea that was super cool?

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