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Hi! 👋 I'm a dev at Unbounce and we're hiring for a couple dev roles:

Unbounce | Frontend Developer | Vancouver | Onsite
Unbounce | Backend Developer | Vancouver | Onsite

About the company — Unbounce is the leading landing page builder and conversion platform for marketers. We're located in downtown Vancouver (with a growing office in Berlin!). We're about 150 people at the moment. We've got a great tech culture - for example every other Friday is Pro-D day, where we can learn new things and take a break from sprint work.

About the role(s)

Frontend Developer

  • You have 3+ years of full-time, industry experience (preferably in a SaaS environment)

  • Experience building, and maintaining complex front end applications

  • Worked with front end frameworks (eg React, Redux, Angular etc)

  • Participate in the full life cycle of applications in all environments, and seek to improve how we work, not just the code we write

  • Understand that there are tradeoffs in every decision and OK trying to make the best trade off with the information at hand.

  • Have a background in persevering through challenges to solve problems

Backend Developer

  • You have 3+ years of full-time, industry experience (preferably in a SaaS environment)

  • Worked with at least one JVM programming language and/or a scripting language

  • Worked with AWS infrastructure (e.g. SQS, RDS)

  • Experience codifying infrastructure (e.g. Cloudformation, Troposphere)

  • Used infrastructure tooling for CI/CD (e.g. Ansible, Docker, Jenkins)

  • Experience with Linux, open source systems and software

  • Understand the benefits of a DevOps-first culture

How to Apply — DM me on Twitter for more info, or hit up our careers page to apply directly for one of the roles.

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