Let's talk productivity tools!

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Hey, I'm a big fan of productivity tools, I love using them, I love trying new ones, I hate having to migrate all my stuff from one to another but I do it anyway from time to time because I get bored and want to try new things all the time.

Let's play a game. I'll give you 4 "roles" and you tell me what tool or tools you use for filling those roles. You can name the same tool in multiple roles. You can add comments on why you chose those tools, or not.

Role #1: To-Do's and Lists
Role #2: Note taking
Role #3: Time tracking
Role #4: Cloud sync and/or storage

I'll leave my choices (as of today at least) in the comments.


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I only have a tool for the first two roles, because I'm not at the stage yet for the last two roles.

However, for To-Do's, Lists, and Note taking I'm using Notion. You can put everything in there, create databases, reference with internal linking and so much more. I've started using this tool only recently, so I'm fairly sure that there is still much for me to discover.


I have created an account on Notion and I have migrated a lot of stuff from like 3 other services and I am loving Notion. Thank you for reminding me it existed!


You're welcome! Glad you like it (again). :D


Oh, they now have a free plan... interesting... I might give it a try :)

  1. Tick Tick: It is fast and clean and unlike Todoist setting reminders is FREE
  2. Notion/Simplenote: Notion for overall productivity of projects but I don't use it specifically for note taking because it uses a block system which does not offer a great writing experience. So instead I prefer to use Simplenote as it is cross platform and supports markdown as well
  3. Tick Tick/Notion: Tick Tick also has a Pomodoro which is good for time tracking tasks.
  4. Dropbox/Google Drive/One Drive/iCloud: They all do the same thing and choice is good.
  • 1: TickTick: I usually use free services but TickTick is one of the only ones which I actually pay for. It's inexpensive really, and it's my favorite TODO app. I use it on Android and on the Linux desktop (I created a "web app" with Epiphany). It has the best notifications sistem I have ever tried on any app of its kind, and I use it mainly for reminders, so that is a big plus. I also use the Google Calendar integration to see all my events in one place.

  • 2: I recently started using Zoho Notebook and it's pretty good. It looks beautiful (I was looking for some eye candy actually), again I use it on Android and on the Linux desktop (electron app, ugh). It has many options but I use it mostly to store random notes and ideas, but I don't use too frequently. The one thing that I feel it is still missing is the ability to upload images or files to the notes. I know they are notes, not documents, but still, that would complete the package for me.

  • 3: I have tried all the free time trackers. Most of the desktop time trackers for Linux that work offline are awful and outdated, so I ended up using Clockify. It works with an online account to sync across devices, which I don't really need, but it works better than Toggl on Linux. What I really need is just a simple offline time tracker that allows me to create diferent tasks and run a timer on each, that's it. I couldn't find anything usable, so I decided to create my own in Flutter, since I'm starting to develop in that framework. Maybe soon I'll have something to show.

  • 4: I settled with MEGA, mostly because it gives me those sweet sweet 50GB for free, and the Sync client for Linux works great. I also use MEGA (with a diferent account) on my Android phone to upload my pictures and videos.

  1. in my head for the most part, but Trello if I have to delegate.

  2. that would be the product I'm developing, the Under Cloud.

  3. Billings Pro, for the Mac.

  4. A mix of Google Drive, Drop Box, and Apple's iCloud.