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re: Without doubt, I wish I'd learnt the underlying concepts of CSS earlier. For example, because CSS rules bind the element that is the subject of the...

I've watched and read many CSS tutorials but haven't heard of these things before. Are there any particular resources that helped you grasp these concepts?


Yes, but it's not easy reading. I read and kept re-reading the CSS 2.1 specification until the concepts gradually sunk in. I combined that with time spent using jsfiddle or jsbin trying experiments to see what happened, and when the behaviour wasn't what I expected, searching the spec for an explanation. When you initially read it, the language it uses is quite daunting, but with re-readings it slowly comes to you, and it becomes clear just how much information is packed in there.

In particular, I recommend reading sections 2 through 7 of the CSS 2.2 spec which provide the grounding for CSS, yet are regularly skipped because they don't contain the description of any CSS properties.

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