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Discussion on: Announcing the Twilio Hackathon on DEV

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Megan Speir

Hello DEV friends 👩‍💻

I'm Megan, also from team Twilio! I'm super excited to see the imagination and fun y'all will unleash this month with any projects you create. If you have any questions throughout, myself and others on my team will be here to help answer questions about Twilio or anything else. Happy hacking!

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Carlo Brillantes

Hi Megan! Is it okay to ask about the grand prize "$1,500 USD gift card or equivalent "?

What kind of gift card is that? Where can we use it? Thank you.

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Dominik Kundel

Hi Carlo. The reason for this wording is that this depends on the country you are at what we can get you.

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Michael Lustig -

Thanks in advance for your help Megan! This is awesome!