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Day 9 of 365

Mehak Saini
Java Developer by profession React enthusiast Currently exploring Blockchain
・1 min read

Almost forgot about posting here though have been practising continuously. Will try to stay regular. Doing a Udemy course on Full Stack development using React, express & MongoDB. Will try to implement the learnings in my clone of Twitter

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Kunal Tiwari • Edited

Hi, Kunal here. I am currently working as an Application Engineer in product based firm. My Company is preferring to Hire React Developers (I just left Infy). If you are interested in some opportunity or any new open source collaboration in MERN stack, It will be great to collaborate and create a side project. You can let me know?

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Cool project. MERN stack is very powerful! Have fun doing it! i work with MERN stack at work and loving it.


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