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Java 13 is here!

It's official, Java 13 is finally here with new features/improvements. The last 4 releases including this one were pretty quick and most of the people are still working on the older versions.

Which version are you currently working on?
When are you planning to move to a newer version?

I am currently working on Java 8 and planning to move to Java 9 but I feel there's plenty to catch up.

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Lucca Biagi

I worked a lot with Java 8, but now I'm using 11. It's nice to use 'var' :3

Do you know any reason for changing to 13?

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Sergiy Yevtushenko

Perhaps this one:

        return switch(header) {
            case JWT -> JwtConverter.create();
            case BASIC -> BasicConverter.create();

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Ross Holloway

Java 13 introduces String literals, yield in switch statements (in place of return), and a new garbage collection which is probably worth looking into