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Is there a set of libraries that are recommended for people once they finish the official React tutorial?

I'm not talking Redux, but maybe React-Form, that sort of thing?

Once I know what I'm doing and start doing small PoCs and move from lear-how-this-works to see-how-productive-it-can-be, I'm not sure where to just go with React and maybe native browser promises / fetch / forms etc, or there're de-facto options that can speed me up and everyone is using, and I just miss on them because I don't know what I don't know.


I don’t know 🙃

When I started with the React ecosystem most of these libraries didn’t exist in the first place so I had to write my own components from scratch. That’s the best way to learn too.

For forms, I’ve heard people rave about so maybe I’d try that. For routing, I’d use React Router. As for other purposes, I’d probably start by trying to write my own, and if it takes longer than I want, picking something with the closest API to the one I imagined.

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