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Discussion on: Do students get to work with existing codebases?

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Krista Handel

Yes. In the first module we swapped our project with someone else's. Digging around newbie vanilla JS that you didn't write was... fun!
In our last module we were assigned an open source repo and had a week to fix a bug. The project we contributed to was groomed over to ensure we had something somewhat easy to tackle as beginner, and some groups had a codebase with languages we weren't learning. Some of the people maintaining these projects did not like this because (I assume) some students weren't able to fix the bug in a week and never returned to it after our allotted time. We were quite busy with other projects and stressed with graduating, but I can see the frustration the maintainers might have felt with people not keeping their word.
Overall I enjoyed the experience, although I wish I would have spent more time on it.