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Discussion on: If you've recently switched code editors— How's it going so far?

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Krista Handel • Edited

Last year I worked with:
Atom -> VSCode -> Atom -> vim

No reason for me to switch back to Atom at one point other than my weird resistance to downloading VSCode on my Mac. VSCode is my favorite text editor and I love the built-in terminal. Atom is slow. vim has the potential to make me a little faster, which isn't correlated to being a better programmer, I just enjoy the speed and proficiency. I have some plugins, like a fuzzy finder and a cute terminal, but I still don't know what I truly need of vim quite yet. vim is already neat so I can't imagine dozens of plugins being necessary. Definitely creeping on plugins posted here.
Nice topic, Ben!

EDIT: Guess I should also mention that my switch to vim is going well so far 🔥

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I love the integrated terminal, too. Are you using wim via the vscode plugin or have you jettisoned vscode completely?

I use the plugin and have vim mode enabled a lot, but I often disable it for certain kinds of tasks. It's gotten to the point where vscode is the only terminal I use and it's where I do all my markdown editing, etc...

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Krista Handel

I use vim via the vscode plugin when I'm on my desktop, which is Windows. To be honest, I don't really get the same experience with vim in vscode like I do on my Mac with just vim. But I haven't messed around with the plugin much. Still prefer iterm2/ohmyzsh, but vscode is, like you said, better for certain tasks.