Discussion on: The Idea of Lisp

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Mel Riffe

First, thanks for the article Eric.

As someone that loves history, in general, I really love learning stuff like this. As a software developer that loves history, it's great to learn about all the things we now take for granted.

Second, Lisp, now Clojure, is at the top of my "To Learn" list. I hope to get started this year. For me it's a foundational thing. You see, I started my professional programming career writing Smalltalk. And because of Smalltalk I feel I'm 'different' kind of OO programmer. Learning Lisp, I hope, will help me learn about Functional Programming.

I feel, as a professional programmer, you should never stop learning; you should remain insatiably curious.

Thanks for feeding my curiosity!

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Eric Normand Author

Awesome, Mel!

I think Lisp will help you learn FP, but it will also make you a 'different' kind of Functional Programmer in the same way Smalltalk made you different.