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Melissa Treviño
Melissa Treviño

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And so it starts

First of all, happy Monday! Surprisingly it was a very productive one for me. 😀

Mondays are the start of a week, and in that spirit, it's the day I'll start out sharing what I learn every day as a software engineer.

As an early-in-career SWE, I've noticed that most of my time is spent learning, looking at code patterns, trying to figure out how in the world Visual Studio works with so many teams collaborating -in a sense- on the same code. So I thought that sharing my learnings may be interesting.

I have a really bad memory

I write these entries for my future self, so that when I'm trying to remember how I fixed a particular thing or used a certain framework, I can come back and dust off that knowledge sitting in the back of my mind.

Explaining concepts makes things clearer

I have found that I fully understand a concept when I am able to explain it to somebody else; and if I can't, it is a good way to finding blind spots.

I'd like to see more representation of women in tech

I do not consider myself an expert, but I think anyone can share what they like out there. In the case of the world of tech, it is still a very male-dominated area of expertise (although I do sense a shift in the last couple of years, yay!).

It might be helpful for somebody else

It is not secret that a SWE's work is not to come up with the best solutions on your own; as the expression says, is not about reinventing the wheel. Instead, is about building your knowledge on the work and ideas of others, learning from their mistakes and experiences.

So with that in mind, I hope you (at least, you Melissa of the future) find this series handy.


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Raphael Bottino

Congratulations on your first post! I hope both the future Melissa and the community find the series handy. I'm following you so you keep your word on writing it ;)

About the lack of representation of women in tech, you are so right. I am a community manager in a community called Skycrafters where a few of my friends also shared their challenges with it.