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I'm in a poor living situation where I basically work from my laptop while sitting on a bed. No real back support or anything. I start to hurt so bad so fast. I can't wait until the day I have a space for a desk and a chair because that sounds amazing.

For me the one thing I do have that I can't work without is my earbuds. They are noise cancelling, pretty comfortable, and even if they aren't super great they get the job done so I can block out distractions.


I hope you can get a good workspace soon! I share a 1-person desk with my partner, and we don't have good chairs (mine is a foldable chair with a cushion — and it's the best of the two), so I know what it feels like to get terrible back pain after working for a while every day. It's a real struggle and work really suffers from it.
To combat this, I've installed an app (Pomy for Mac) that reminds me to get up every 20 minutes, so I get up and stretch, skip, squat, anything! It helps a lot. And using a big inflatable exercise ball as a chair is also really good, it's way less expensive than a good chair and it's pretty good for the back because it makes you sit straight and keep the abdomen working to stay in place. If you can get one of those and a table, it could be a big improvement for a working space.
Best of luck! 👩🏼‍💻


We don't have room for a table right now, I use a tray on my lap, but I'm hoping that's done soon! I do try to get up every 30-60 minutes to walk and stretch though if I hit a stride I know I end up forgetting.

I've been thinking that working from the library more often would be good for me though. Then I could at least sit even if I won't be able to use a second monitor there.

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