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I have worked in an environment in which e-mail was the main form of communication,
with both local and remote colleagues.
Strangely as it may sound, I had the best communication with the few remote colleagues, some of them even people with whom I have never met face to face
and even belonging to completely different cultures :)

There were also face to face meetings, usually with many more participants than
the optimal number that would have made them useful ...
and, in such meetings, usually "the boss is always right", though, let's face it,
he/she usually has the lowest level of knowledge and involvement among all participants.

Video-conferences or "overly-technological" forms of communication are the least useful in my opinion, during such meetings, usually one person of those present
is monopolizing the discussion with the remote participant(s), who are hardly heard
at all ... and thus the meeting becomes a dialogue which sooner or later stops
to be followed up by the other participants not actively involved in the discussion.

It highly depends on the people involved, but it is really not the technical form of communication which matters most, but whether there does indeed exist a communication at all between the parties involved.

Unfortunately, I had far too bosses along the years with whom there was no communication of any kind ... and professional communication even less ...
I have never experienced real collaboration with a boss, regardless of the form of communication.

This is mainly because today's working environments are becoming more and more
business-like ones, in which the false authority of the bosses should be imposed at any price, and less and less collaborative ...

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