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Discussion on: JavaScript is short-lived

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Vesa Piittinen Author

If you're working on projects that don't need further development then those are irrelevant to the point. In that kind of setting you use whatever you want to get it done fast, and to meet whatever the requirements. And I guess when working on continuous stream of projects you do want things to change constantly to spice it up.

Working on long term projects that continue as long as you can imagine are a bit different story. One of the issues with front end code is that you really want there to be as little of it as possible, and writing it from a JS-centric perspective results to a lot of code that shouldn't be in the front end. This code has maintenance and performance worries and when development continues for multiple years it really starts to hurt. It would be much better to not create the problem in the first place by greatly diminishing use of JS on the browser side.

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RobertSeidler • Edited

When you say it like that, I can see the problem/frustration more clearly :D