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Discussion on: Jack Of All Trades or Master of One?

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Mervin • Edited

Want to create some web applications for fun? We can do it.

Cause I really need someone or something which can inspire me to create software projects again.

Right now, I am looking and trying some other things which I know that it is not what I really love to do.

Creating applications just for a hobby and no one appreciates or using it (OR you cannot earn money from it) makes me wonder if I am in the right direction.

But yeah! Keep pushing and learning. Good luck with your journey. Have fun!

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Katie Adams Author

Oof, the money-making side of things is a point I keep forgetting about - especially every time I consider setting up my own business. You need a lot of confidence and self-motivation for that sort of thing because, as you say, it can be quite a thankless occupation.

Same to you with your journey!