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Things would have been easier in 2007 ;)
I started around 1995 when things were even easier - C and C++ were basically a must. Java just crawled out of the womb and was so freaking slow that it was just awful.

Overall I would still recommend starting with C and work your way up if you got the time.
Otherwise jump in with python or JS like everyone else ;). And then add Java/C# or C/C++ later depending on where you want to go.


I know the basics of Java / C# due to tinkering around over the past two years. Very interested in C as it seems so much has originated from it. In 2007 I was about to graduate from high school and the only programming experience I had was messing around with code in RuneScape and WoW private server sources. I didn't know what I was doing then. It was all C++ and Java back then. And MySql. I had to stop tinkering back then and focus on losing weight in order to join the military. Now over a decade later I am returning to my original interests.


Yeah it was a nice gradual flow. Starting out with C and then early versions of C++, which were close enough. From that jumping over to Java and C# was easy. Also because there were only a handful of libraries and frameworks compared to now.
Picking up PHP was similarly easy and was easy to do web work by the side. I could easily jump between Web Apps with LAMP, embedded systems in C++, network programming in Java etc.

Nowadays I dropped Web dev completely because you really have to devote and specialize in a (few) field(s) to keep up.

Which is where we end up with the dilemma in your article - got to pick a domain which then roughly dictates the set of languages that make sense.
Even if you can cover a lot with Javascript and react native, electron etc. or .net with xamarin, unity, ASP etc.

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