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Use Builtin Unix Command instead of Asciicinema

You dont need any fancy command like asciicinema, you can do this from age old builtin unix command called "script" so no need to install anything, making people install stuff is hard, use whatever is already there on their machine.

Record a terminal session

script -r capture.txt

Play a terminal session

script -p capture.txt

It works exactly like asciicinema. Once that is done the only thing that you need to replay this in the browser is a scriptplayer like this one
Script Play Js

Also the other benefit is people dont really have to go to Asciicast in order to get the link they can just upload their recorded session on the site itself and done. Also there is no need for an image preview since the session can keep playing repeatedly. Otherwise it would be a fun project to modify the player.

Would like to help if you need any.

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