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Discussion on: StackOverflow must die

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Michel Renaud

There's Meta StackOverflow that is probably the closest thing but... good luck with that.

The last time I went in there and decided to read a thread about similar actions, it was obvious that some of the moderators are drunk with power. It's sad, but it's also common. I've been this on most online platforms with any kind of moderator system for the past 20+ years. Give some people the tiniest bit of power to control others and they'll abuse it. I even had to deal with that situation on a message board I used to have. Moderating the moderators was more work than moderating the community of several hundreds.

I've stopped asking and answering questions because some people just expect too much. I'll usually just stick to a comment to point the person in the right direction, if it's practical to do so.

StackOverflow is still an invaluable source of information and it's helped solved so many of my problems since... maybe 2008 when I got on it? It was around that time. I hope they can figure out a way to fix this, but it's a problem that's been regularly discussed in Meta for years and I personally haven't noticed any improvement.

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CatalinRadoi Author

Yet wikipedia works. I believe there should be more moderators (trusted users) / topic / subject.
Don't know, but it is not the first time I've posted something that I considered concise and clear and it got denied....