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Discussion on: Should I listen to music while coding?

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Michel Renaud

I've been listening to music while working since the '90s. Heavy metal music.

If there's no music, I freak out. I'm also treated to construction noises, street noises (a**holes with aftermarket mufflers, emergency vehicles (fire station AND hospital nearby), barking dogs, etc. "Silence" is not a thing here. I also cannot wear headphones if there's nothing coming out of them just for the sake of trying to block external noises. I never even liked headphones. A major advantage since the apocalypse began is that I'm home and don't need to use headphones.

Some of my most productive algorithms work in university was done while listening to Motörhead.

There's no link to that article you mentioned, but I can say this:

Not everyone is the same.

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poudyal_rabin Author

Hi Michel thanks for your comment. I agree not everyone is the same.

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Hoang Nhat

I also love listening to Heavy metal, currently Architects band. Thanks for sharing Michel

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