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Discussion on: Pluralsight or Codecademy? Which one Devs should use to learn the latest Tech skills?

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Michel Renaud

I've only used Pluralsight and liked the courses I used. Unfortunately my employer has a habit of not renewing in time and wasting months starting from scratch, and I've now had my access cut off "mid course" one too many times (none of Pluralsight's fault, of course). The 33% off offer is certainly appealing.

I'll take a look at CodeCademy, though from the article and comments, it looks like Pluralsight will still be the best fit for me. I do agree that some of their courses are outdated. Maybe it's time for some culling...

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javinpaul Author

Yes, 33% OFF really makes it attractive and their premium plan also have some interactive courses and projects which means best of both world.