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Someone has to do the hosting even of your monolith and it comes down to either a developer or a devops. and i think we can agree that is way more pain hosting a LAMP or whatever sytem and maintaining it than to have docke swarms or kubernetes clusters. especially when you start a new project.

Instagram clone, one services handeling accounts one service distributing images without extracting the database handling logic out of it. Yes you can split it further by one for rendering images and so on. But here you have the point. You start with a small microservice layout. and as soon as you se it gets to complex you split a service again. this is the point of having an evolving microservice architecture. You cannot possible all the services that you will end up with.

Laravel even have a microservice addition: :D
There is no this now not a microservice, for example you have an onlineshop and you are using laraval for model creation in each of the services.

An important point is: "There is nothing inherently “micro” about microservices per se. While they tend to be smaller than the average monolith, they do not have to be tiny. Some are, but size is relative and there’s no standard of unit of measure across organizations."

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