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re: After having had that problem for years, I started... writing stuff down :D I create issues in GitHub, not only for what doesn't work yet, but al...

A little addendum:

I do the same! Issues and pull requests on Github is a very handy tool to improve productivity and stay aware of the project, even not working in a time on that repo.

I'm trying something in a few weeks that works a ton for me, I usually do like this:

  • Create a branch signing with is a feature/bugfix/hotfix an then the folder following by the current change


  • Do what is necessary on project, and go for a commit. Here is a awesome stage that I recommend the most

  • All set up, then I merge to master, always set this branch up to date

  • I find super useful in this merge process: code review! in each final merge, I review what is done and anything that comes in my mind, I comment on the lines or review the entire merge

I think that is a good way and you have all the information within the repo, not having writhing elsewhere that you can easily forget

Any ideas to improve is very welcome!

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