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re: Michael, I think you hit on a major point that is evolving in this space. Often times more than one tool is being used. For example, I can use Se...

I've been in this space before and in my experience all the tools end up finding either their niche or evolve so that they become the "standards" for specific groups. What we had leading up to this was a lot of flavor of the month that people in those positions decided was the one we wanted to use NOW.

Though I started with a bit of venting on the complexity its something that's endemic in our space, we are constantly moving forward. Something new comes, we take it and check it out, if we love it add it to our toolbox or drop it off. The next person who comes in either learns from what we did, if we mentor, or makes their own decisions if the company has not set a standard.

It's nice to keep learning, its the one thing that excites me about going into work every day - the intellectual challenge - but it can be draining at times.

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