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Announcing the Margarita Humanitarian Foundation Developer Blog

This blog is a friendly place for developers involved with Margarita Humanitarian Foundation's open source projects to share coding tips and tricks.

const help = (others) => {...}
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All Our GitHub Contributors Invited

This offer is open to anyone who's had 1 or more pull requests merged into a project in the @margaritahumanitarian GitHub organization.

If you're not a contributor yet, see our repos for issues to work on. We welcome everyone! You can also ask for help getting started in

What to Write About

Anything that's fun or useful to other coders! For example:

  • TIL posts (Today I Learned)
  • Tips for getting into open source
  • Even super-short posts are fine, such as little React or Tailwind CSS tricks plus accompanying screenshots
  • Dev tricks that you want to keep notes on to remember later

What Is Margarita Humanitarian Foundation?

We're a nonprofit public charity helping those who need help the most. For more info, see

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