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re: How to prevent readline in Node from exiting on line event? VIEW POST

re: It sounds like you want something like this? const readline = require('readline'); const rl = readline.createInterface({ input: process.stdin,...

Si! Thanks so much for helping with your answer! I was able to solve my problem based on your solution. Is SIGINT what is triggered by default when a new line event occurs? So handling the SIGINT event did the trick?


No worries mate - glad it was helpful. I've never actually used readline, so it was a good opportunity to give it a spin 😁.

SIGINT is the interrupt signal. The terminal sends it to the foreground process when the user presses ctrl-c. We handle this signal so we can gracefully shut down rl (rl.pause()).

line is the event that is triggered when a new line occurs. I would assume that the default behaviour of a new line is to call rl.pause() but we're capturing the event instead and doing our own thing.

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