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Discussion on: How I removed google analytics and still have good data to analyze

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When I looked into Google Analytics and GDPR before, i found that there even though cookies are stored that the info is not personally identifying and therefore does not need consent.

That may have been inaccurate or things might have changed. I just found this guide which says in Sept 2020, Google launched a consent mode so you can integrate with CookieBot (or maybe OneTrust which we use at work). And if the user doesn't give consent, you still get user agent and some other fields covered in the article.

The article also talks about user ID and anonymous IP (the latter it says is necessary for compliance). So it seems like Google Analytics tracking is only compliant if you configure it a certain way.

BTW I've come across Adobe Analytics but haven't used it. And i heard of Monomo before in a forum but it looks like it is self hosted so thats a barrier for setting up unless you have the time and know-how.