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Discussion on: 🔨 [git]: Write better commits with Gitmoji

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Also worth noting is the gitemoji system is an extension or variation of the conventional commit system, which has fewer items. So there is less to remember and to choose from when writing messages.

Like two gitemoji choices for deleting plus the config change can go under chore for conventional commit.

And two CI choices can go under ci.

I also don't care about a separate item for "development scripts". I would put that feat or fix or refactor etc.

It depends what you agree in your team and how you are going to use it. Having granular messages (gitemoji and/or conventional commit) is useful if have a large number of commits to generate a changelog / release notes for, maybe even for end users to read to know fixes for their Android device.

But otherwise using just the conventional commit system without the emojis is fine. There is a VSCode extension which supports that word as a prefix without the emoji.

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