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Discussion on: React templates - intro

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Michael Author • Edited

Well pick one of my projects that you like based on your interest in Node or Deno or frontend only. And fork it.

Then update the core of the app. Maybe you add a Todo list or add a router or add state management or a photo gallery or whatever. And then commit it and then rename your repo. e.g. react-gallery-template or react-todo-template. You will also have to find and replace the old name in the repo with your new name.

You can also try using CodePen so you don't even need a repo. You can make your JS, CSS and HTML with a live demo in the preview pane. And you can share that "pen". You should search for React on that to see what others have made.

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Michael Author

And then blog about what you made. ;)

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Soham Shah

Thanks man!