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re: Let's see :) Add link to links/follow in footer partial #257 ...

Also just added to the Vue Community page :)

Added DEV link to community page #2333

This pull request adds a link for the Vue tag on DEV. DEV is the fastest growing community blogging ecosystem in software and it would be a good idea to include it in the Vue Ecosystem section on the community page.

There are regularly new posts added to the Vue tag, and it's one of the most followed tags on Dev currently.

Mhm, but isn't that what Ben already did in Feb this year? Or am i mistaken?

I looked for the open PRs and didn't see it added to that particular page and thought it might be helpful to include in the Vue Ecosystem section on the Learn page since it would be applicable to learning Vue. Ben's PR was to add it to the dropdown in the Ecosystem page menu. Mainly just trying to help spread the word and participate in Hacktoberfest :)

That's honorable and really cool, I was just a bit afraid someone could interpret it as spam if we submit too often to the same project. Awesome that you are helping on this :)

Thanks Simon! Really appreciate it. I wasn't hoping to spam them, just hoping to spread the word since I love Dev and thought it might be a good place to share on their community page. Appreciate it! Hope your Nuxt PR gets merged as well.

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