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Discussion on: Do you use time-tracking for work or for your personal time?

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Michael Tharrington (he/him)

I generally have a repeatable daily flow that I do my tasks in, but I don't use a time tracker.

For the aspects of my role that are repeatable, I'll use my calendar to send me reminders, although I'm not always disciplined about timeboxing these tasks. πŸ˜…Still, I think this structure works pretty well for me.

Something different than time tracking that I like to use are weekly to-do lists. While it's obviously not concerned as much with managing small sections of time, it does help to keep me on task, let's me easily easy see the things I need to get done for the week, and marking items off the list helps me keep track of my accomplishments/let's me know what I've left to do.

Still, I can definitely see merits in tracking time to improve personal productivity! Honestly feeling like I might want to test this out.

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Anna Buianova Author

I use a similar approach (especially in terms of discipline :). But still, having a structure definitely helps. I do timeboxing from time to time, and even when done like this, it's a useful exercise to see where the time goes and another reason to revise my schedule once in a while.