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Discussion on: Devs, make sure your page is searchable!

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Michael Tharrington (he/him)

This seems like an appropriate place to remind folks that they're able to use canonical URLs when posting on DEV!

From the DEV FAQ:

If you are sharing any work on DEV that you previously posted elsewhere, it's a good idea to add "canonical_url:" to the Front Matter of the post if using the "basic markdown" editor. If using the "rich + markdown" version of the editor, just click on the three-dots menu when writing your post and you'll see the option to input your canonical.

By the way, if you're not quite sure which editor version you're using or didn't even realize that there are different editor versions, 🤯 just go here in your settings and poke around!

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Igor Irianto Author • Edited

Very nice!! I wasn't aware of this feature either. I am going to go back to every single blogs that I cross-posted and adding this.
You are awesome. So glad you posted this. 😎

Btw for those who don't know canonical url:

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Michael Tharrington (he/him) • Edited

No problem! Happy to help. 😀

And good thinking on providing the explanation of what a canonical url is — definitely important for anyone who plans on cross posting to be aware of this!