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Discussion on: Your Loudest Engineer is Not a Genius

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Michal Rogowski • Edited on

Hey Nadya, thanks for this article. I think you mixed here multiple problems.

1) promoting incompetence because he/she is loud
2) promoting competent individual contributor who is alpha geek who wants always to be right to management position
3) not promoting quiet individual contributor
4) mixing 2 different career paths individual engineering contributor and manager

  1. is always bad
  2. If promotion is to management position it’s bad but this person may still be great individual contributor in a team if properly managed
  3. in my opinion to move to the next level there is a moment when you have to start communicating more directly and it’s valid for individual contributor carrer path and management carrer path. Because even if you don’t want to be a manager as a senior developer you should be a mentor, and someone who can coach and give feedback and communicate with other teams. You have to be able lead a conversation to the direction which is good for project. You also should be able to influence without authority. To do all those things you have to be able to communicate properly. Not to be the loudest person in the room but the person that is a leader and set the bar higher for herself than anybody else.
  4. It looks like there wasn’t established clear carrer path in your companies because the only way up was by moving to management position, and it’s not true nowadays.

If you would like to discuss it more let me know :)

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3) not promoting quiet individual contributor

You have to be known in your team/company. If you just do your job, even if you are very good at it, nobody will consider you because nobody knows you.