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re: I'm mainly looking towards Rust, with e.g. Conrod or a few other initiatives. C++ is still in the field, with Qt, and a few recent projects I coul...

I'm familiar with Windows Forms, which is done within Visual Studio, so I assume it's similar to a dotnet desktop application. The positioning of elements and bridge into application code is very fluid. I haven't looked into Java tools other than Swing which I had to use for school. The experience there is comparable to that of Windows Forms.

I'm sure C++ is immensely powerful for desktop applications, though I'm not a big fan of the development experience with C++. I also haven't put much time into learning it.

I have some experience with Python and Ruby. I think I'll look into the desktop app frameworks there. Do you have any suggestions?

I've been intrigued by Rust lately, as it's getting a lot of attention from the community. Your comment makes me want to dig deeper, specifically for this use case.

For C++, the biggest drawback is the mess that is the standard library.

For ruby, I don't have any serious answer because I haven't digged much into it.

For python, the most known are Tk, Kivy and the GTK+ bindings.

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