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How are you helping others during quarantine?

saramiteva profile image Sara Miteva Updated on ・1 min read

I saw many people working on projects that could make our lives easier in times of quarantine, and even after that.

Let's all share what we as individuals or as companies are doing to help people be more productive and engaged while at home.

It could be a completely new, creative project, or simply something you decided to give out because many people can use it. You can even share if you're helping your elderly neighbors with grocery shopping, it's really inspirational to hear stories like this right now :)

My company Microtica has decided to give out its product for free to startups who are struggling with the situation. It's a tool that automates your entire CI/CD process on AWS. You can drop us an email with your story at info@microtica.com and we'll answer you as soon as possible.

What are you working on?


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I am building new features for github.com/dungeon-revealer/dungeo... which helps people playing table top games online 😇


That's a great initiative! If you want we can help you with delivery automation :) Send us a message at info@microtica.com and we'll get one of our developers to help you.


I'm making the world a better place, through paxos algorithms for consensus protocols