re: I was billed for 14k USD on Amazon Web Services 😱 VIEW POST


Once I was owing AWS 300$... For something I didn't use and had accidentally forgotten.
It was a forgotten Certificate Manager cert authority. Fortunately my account wasn't compromised!

And there I was, literally crying over 300$, when someone came to me and said, hey, call AWS support

And so I did, the story went smoothly, they were quick and really understanding and finally pardoned my debt... Lol!
I was really grateful that day, a guy from AWS support literally saved my ass. I'm glad you didn't have to pay the 14k and that all went well. I wouldn't know what do do in that case!

I wonder what the hackers were doing with EC2 to owe 14k right away... It must've been a gold pot for them hahahah

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