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re: As much as reasonably possible. The better you understand JavaScript itself (and the Web API's), the easier it will be to learn to use React, or Sv...

Thanks a lot, I do have a reason to learn React but I'll definitely get familiar with Web Components first, maybe that'll give a more general insight on the concept than getting straight to the framework.


For fullness of picture, not every web developer shares idea of web components, for example dev.to/richharris/why-i-don-t-use-....

Time will show who was right.

Indeed, and even I don't feel that they're a silver bullet. I do, however, feel that they don't get mentioned anywhere near enough, hence my making a point to mention them here (and I think they're a better introduction to the concept of the shadow DOM than most of the UI frameworks that make use of it are, since you actually have to use it yourself with Web Components, you end up with a better understanding).

As far as 'who was right', I suspect the answer will end up being somewhere in-between. Web Components definately have their issues, but so does every UI framework out there.

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