ConstraintLayout beginners guide Part I: Designing a repsonsive UI for Android apps

Miguel Rodriguez on January 10, 2019

Since I've been learning how to develop mobile apps for Android, I would like to write posts about some useful things I've run into. It helps me ... [Read Full]
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Until 2 months ago I was using Relative and Linear layout. Since I've got known Constraint layout, It has had a good effect on my coding and helped me a lot with saving time and energy. On the other hand it has made designing very attractive and pleasant. Thank you Miguel for your helpful post.


Glad you find it helpful! I also had the habit of using mostly LinearLayout for everything, but I always felt it was quite inefficient because I would end with a lot of nested LL's. As I began implementing ConstriantLayout my views became 'flatter' and more responsive to different screen sizes.

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