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Discussion on: Stop mutating in map, reduce and forEach

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Mihai Stancu • Edited

In today's software the bottleneck isn't usually the CPU. Most modern applications hit many other bottlenecks way before having to consider optimizing for CPU time (RAM, sync-io, async-io pooling, etc.).

And "since the dawn of time man hath prematurely optimized the wrong thing" meaning that a prematurely optimized application will be filled with "clever" optimizations that don't address the real optimization problem and architecturally make it harder to address.

So the question is what would you rather have to do:
a) optimize a readable but unoptimized application
b) find the correct optimization to add (to a pile of optimizations) in an unreadable (partially-)optimized application**

** Terms and conditions may apply which may sometimes lead you to deoptimizing existing optimizations either for clarity of what that thing does (by intent) before changing it or for exposing the piece that truly needs to be optimized that the architecture is making very hard to reach.