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Discussion on: Yes, ColdFusion is "Unpopular". No, I don't care.

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Michael Born Author

So you can show that CFML is faster, more stable and powerful than Python or Go?

I said it's fast, stable, and powerful. I'm not so insecure as to start ranking other languages against CF. If you want to know why I really use CF, you can read Why I Program in Coldfusion, or Five Reasons to Learn CF in 2019.

CF's script syntax is much like Node, only it actually does stuff (emails! parameterized DB queries! XSS-safe output utilities! threading!) programmers need out of the box. Nobody tries to compare Node to Python or Go - they're too busy writing great apps.

Could you take a look at this code from the open source Coldbox framework and tell me why it deserves to die?

CFML in script syntax